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Notice and announcement 更多>>
Notice on the issuance of subsidies for job seekers and entrepreneurs for graduates of 2024
Notice on the verification of employment data
Fujian Province 2023 provincial "three support" plan recruitment announcement
Fujian Province 2023 college graduates "three support one support" plan implementation
Fujian Provincial Department of Education on the current employment of college graduates notice
Notice of our College on the employment guidance of 2023 graduates
Employment dynamics 更多>>
Fujian Economic and Trade School visited our school
Sanming high quality small and medium-sized enterprises special recruitment of college graduates
Our school completed the first round of verification of employment data of 2023 graduates
Visiting enterprises to expand the post │ Vice President Lai Huanbiao led a team to visit enterprises to expand the post research
Nanchang City 2022-2023 to attract 100,000 college students and skilled talents to Changchuang...
Our college participated in the 2022 national college graduates employment and entrepreneurship work network.
Recruitment information 更多>>
December 2021 Shaxian District enterprise recruitment information summary table
Recruitment information summary
In 2018, Xiamen Xiang 'an Education Group kindergarten job recruitment announcement
New Hua An school recruitment brochure
Fujian three tomorrow Thai pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Recruitment information
About the organization to participate in the "Xiamen City 300,000 college graduates recruitment action launch ceremony...
Guidance and policy 更多>>
"Internet + employment guidance" public interest live class back to see the link
Sanming City rural talent cultivation action implementation plan
On the issuance of the "Ten measures to promote the employment of Sanming College graduates...
Ten measures to promote Sanming City college graduates to stay in employment
Graduate Employment Registration (2021)
Operational Guide for Employment Dispatch Registration for 2021
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