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Notice of Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College on the open recruitment of professional staff in short supply in 2023
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According to the Opinions of the Sanming Municipal Committee Office of the Communist Party of China Sanming People's Government Office on Further standardizing the Management of Supplementary Staff of municipal organs and public Institutions (Ming Commission Office [2019] No. 35), the Sanming Personnel Bureau issued the Notice of the Provincial Personnel Department on forwarding the Interim Provisions on Public Recruitment of Personnel in Public Institutions and other relevant Documents (Ming [2006] No. 257)), "Interim Measures for Public Recruitment of Staff in Sanming City Public Institutions" (Mingfa [2012] 33) and other documents,Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology Vocational Education School Branch public recruitment shortage of urgently needed professional staff notice as follows:

1. Application requirements and requirements

(1) Application requirements

1.Having the nationality of the People's Republic of China;

2.Abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China。

3.Adhere to the Party's basic line, principles and policies, work hard, and have a strong commitment。

4.Have good conduct and professional ethics。

5.Have normal physical conditions to perform duties, have other qualifications required for the position to be applied for, and be competent for the job requirements。

6. Age 18 years old or above, 40 years old or below (born between April 1982 and April 2005, the same below), some positions have special age requirements, the age required in the specific recruitment post shall prevail;

7.The deadline for calculating applicants' academic qualifications (degrees), qualifications or relevant qualification requirements is 21 April 2023,Applicants who have obtained an overseas academic degree should provide a certificate of academic degree issued by the Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education,The deadline for certification and other qualifications is April 21, 2023 (the time for obtaining academic qualifications and degree certificates of fresh college graduates graduating in 2023 is relaxed to September 30, 2023)。Those who have not obtained education or degree certificates or do not meet the relevant qualifications shall be disqualified from applying for or hiring。

8.Chinese citizens who are residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan can apply if they meet the job requirements。

(2) The circumstances under which the applicant may not apply for or cancel the employment qualification

1.Persons who have been criminally punished for a crime or who have been dismissed from public office;

2.Persons who are subject to Party and government discipline punishments or within the affected period, and who are under investigation by relevant departments for suspected violations of discipline and law and have not yet reached a conclusion;

3.Persons at all levels of civil servants or public institution recruitment due to violations of discipline and regulations have been recorded in the integrity file and the record period has not expired;

4.Personnel who, after employment, constitute the withdrawal relationship specified in the Provisions on Personnel Management Withdrawal of Public Institutions (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Regulation [2019] 1);

5.Persons listed as persons subject to enforcement for breach of trust and who have not yet fulfilled their obligations;

6.Persons whose service term has not expired according to the relevant regulations or the recruitment requirements of civil servants or public institutions;

7.Persons expelled from the Communist Party of China;

8.Non-fresh graduates of ordinary institutions of higher learning, active servicemen and other personnel who are not allowed to be employed as staff members of public institutions according to laws and policies。

2. Recruitment position, profession and target

For details, please refer to the attachment "Post Information Table 2 of Open Recruitment Staff of Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology Vocational Education Campus in 2023".。

Iii. Recruitment methods and procedures

The public recruitment adhere to the standards of integrity and talent, merit-based employment, and implement the principle of "openness, equality, competition, and merit" in accordance with the basic procedures of announcement, registration, examination, medical examination, inspection, publicity, and employment。

(1) Promulgating notices

Notice of the positions, number of recruits, recruitment qualifications, recruitment methods and procedures and other relevant information can be found on the website of Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College (http://www) published。

(2) Registration

1.Registration time and method: This examination adopts the combination of online registration and on-site registration。

(1) Online registration time and method: from April 21, 2023 to May 31, 2023。Please download and fill in the"Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology Vocational Education School branch open recruitment is in short need of professional staff registration form(Annex 2), together with the ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, the Electronic Record Form of Education Certificate of the Ministry of Education, degree certification report (Xuexin Network, be verified), and the recent 2-inch bareheaded color photos scanned electronic version sent to the mailbox;Fresh college graduates who have not yet obtained graduation certificates or degree certificates in 2023 are required to provide employment recommendation forms。To register, email:, the registration time is subject to the email delivery time。

(2) The time and place of on-site registration are listed in the table below:





April 22, 2023 (Saturday) 9:00-12:00 am

Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Qishan Campus) Dongfeng Square

For on-site registration, please refer to online registration and bring relevant materials。

2.Contact: Mr. Luo Tel: 0598-8216371。

(3) Qualification examination

Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College shall conduct the preliminary qualification examination on the applicants according to the job recruitment conditions。This recruitment is conducted with reference to the Professional Guidance Directory of Fujian Provincial Government Organs and Institutions for Admission (2023) and the postgraduate Enrollment Directory of the Ministry of Education for setting and reviewing professional conditions。Applicants shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information and materials submitted by themselves. Those who fill in false information or provide false materials will be disqualified from the examination or employment once verified。Qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment. If the applicant is found not to meet the job requirements at any stage, the recruitment qualification will be cancelled。If the ratio of qualified applicants to the number of recruits is less than 3:1, the examination can only be opened after approval by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Sanming City。

(4) Examination

The recruitment examination is conducted by interview, mainly testing candidates' professional level. The specific matters will be notified separately。The interview score is the total score, the total score is 100 points, the interview score qualified line is 60 points。If there is a 1:1 ratio between candidates and the number of recruits, the interview score must reach 70 points or more。If the candidates who are to be determined as the candidates for the physical examination have the same interview results, another interview will be conducted. The ranking of the candidates will be arranged according to the interview results of the additional examination。

Test results will be posted on the website of Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology (http://www) published。Candidates must reach the qualification line before entering the physical examination and inspection. If the recruitment position does not meet the requirements, the recruitment of the position will be cancelled。

(5) Physical examination and investigation

1.体检。The candidates for physical examination shall be determined according to the ratio of the number of recruits and the candidates for physical examination 1:1, and the qualified personnel shall be determined according to the total score from high to low in the order of interview。Physical examination is organized by Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology.The physical examination standards and items shall be implemented according to the current physical examination standards for civil servants;The cost of physical examination shall be borne by the person taking the physical examination.Those who are absent from the physical examination shall be disqualified from employment。

In-service applicants should submit the valid materials that agree to their application, resignation or termination of employment (labor) contract before the physical examination at the latest, otherwise they will be disqualified for physical examination。

2.考察。Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College is responsible for the examination of candidates who have passed the interview and physical examination。The examination of candidates is carried out by consulting files, talking and other ways, mainly to investigate the political ideology, moral quality, law-abiding, honesty and self-discipline, ability and quality, work attitude and whether it is necessary to avoid the situation。And check the qualifications of the applicants。Candidates who fail to cooperate with the employer to complete the assessment within the prescribed time and without special reasons shall be deemed to have given up the assessment and employment qualification automatically。If the object of investigation is the fresh graduates who graduate in 2023, the investigation will be conducted after they obtain the graduation certificate and degree certificate。

In case of failure in physical examination and inspection, the qualified personnel shall be replaced from the highest to the lowest order。

(6) Publicity

Physical examination, inspection is indeed determined as the candidate to be hired, in the Sanming City human resources and social Security Bureau website for publicity, at the same time published supervision telephone, accept social supervision, publicity period of 7 days。

(7) Employment

Candidates who have passed the interview, physical examination and investigation, and have no objection after the expiration of the publicity period, shall be recruited by our hospital according to the relevant regulations, sign the employment contract, be included in the establishment management, and determine the personnel relationship。The newly hired personnel shall report to the recruitment unit within one week from the date of approval of employment registration by the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau。The Institute shall sign employment contracts with new employees in accordance with the Regulations on Personnel Management of Public Institutions and other policies and provisions, and dismiss those who fail to pass the assessment after the probation period。The minimum service period of the new employee is 5 years (including probation period) from the date of employment registration.。

4. Precautions

For the specific requirements of on-site registration, please see the relevant notice of Fujian University of Chinese Medicine Job Fair。

V. Relevant instructions

Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology Vocational Education Park Branch School is a subordinate institution of Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology. Since 2023, the college has used the establishment of Vocational Education Park branch school to recruit and introduce personnel, salary performance and doctoral introduction benefits to enjoy the college standards。

Discipline and supervision

1.Strictly implement the withdrawal policy, where the personnel engaged in recruitment work and the applicant have a husband and wife relationship, direct blood relationship, collateral blood relationship within three generations or close in-law relationship, must practice official withdrawal。

2.The recruitment work adheres to the principle of openness, fairness and justice, and accepts the supervision of the society and relevant departments。

3.The Discipline Inspection Committee of Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College shall supervise the recruitment work. The supervision telephone number is 0598-8282790。

This notice is only applicable to this open recruitment, and Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College is responsible for interpretation。Other matters not covered shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of document No. 33 (2012)。

附件:1.In 2023, Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology Vocational Education School branch open recruitment staff position information Table 2

In 2023, Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology Vocational Education School Branch open recruitment of urgently needed professional staff Post information Table 2 (1).xlsx

2. Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology Vocational Education School branch open recruitment staff application form

Sanming Vocational College of Medical Science and Technology Vocational Education School Branch Open recruitment shortage of professional staff Application form (1).doc

Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College

April 21, 2023


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