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Announcement on the public recruitment of electronic payment platform construction partners
Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College third canteen contract management project bidding announcement
To forward the notice of the Ministry of Finance on issues related to the procurement of government procurement framework agreement
Government Procurement Categories (issued in 2022)
Fujian Provincial Department of Finance issued the Comprehensive Evaluation of the Practice of Government Procurement Agencies in Fujian Province...
Notice on contract signing, acceptance and payment in the later stage of the project
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Logistics management service党支部学习《最好最大最全的网络彩票平台》 ...
The Vocational Education Campus of our college carried out the logistics support work inspection activities for the autumn semester
Our college carried out a special inspection of campus safety in the new semester of 2023
Our college carried out a special inspection of campus safety before May Day
Logistics Management Department to carry out learning Lei Feng Moon theme activities launch ceremony
Our institute held the second procurement group meeting in 2023
Rules and regulations 更多>>
Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College goods, services and sporadic engineering project procurement management system
Sanming Medical Science and Technology vocational College procurement contract management flow chart
Procurement process sheet
Daily repair procedures
Interim provisions on procurement management of Sanming Vocational and Technical College
Process of depositing fixed assets
Health education 更多>>
Campus infectious disease can not be ignored!
Sanming people alert!Recent high incidence!Highly contagious!Many cases have been reported of
【最好最大最全的网络彩票平台】 Tuberculosis campus health popularization! Students around you suffer from tuberculosis, and surprisingly...
What are the symptoms of "A flu"?How should it be prevented and treated?
Summer air sickness, this killer is a little "cold"
Sanming disease control remind you: Prevent dengue fever!Beware of being stung
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